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“It is with a heavy heart I announce the death of my stallion My First Talent.

In 2006 I was looking to develop a stallion. I wanted First Down Dash in the sire line yet far enough away I could breed my Crimewave mares. I really liked Prime Talent because I felt he had the potential to be an All-Around Superior horse. I had semen shipped from Texas and bred my fastest mare – a US track record holder @ 220 yards – My First Gold Card, and in 2007 My First Talent was born.

I bred a couple of mares to My First Talent in each of the years 2012 to 2016. Since 2017 he’s had a band of 15+ mares and I’ve sold the offspring in my online auction.

This year will be the last big foal crop from Talent. I expect a few foals next year but the breeding period was cut very short. His mares are lost without him but his hilltop burial spot looks out over them.”


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