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Broodmare Band

At Rigetti Farms we take pride in the depth of pedigree in our mares.  We have an incredible lineup of Crimewave and foundation bred mares out of the most proven pedigrees in the industry.

Did you know that the Dam’s side is JUST as important as the sire’s side?
Reginald C. Punnett, a renowned British geneticist published the first tool still used to predict the probability of possible genotypes (genetics) in all living things.

It is called the Punnett square and it allows us to track dominant and recessive genes in horses.

Click Here for a great free article from the Performance Horse Academy on the odds of pedigree outcomes.

Scientists have long known the importance of the Dams genetics as they have equal contribution to the foals outcome, so the strength on your Dams side of the papers is just as important.

Our mares have one of the most solid lines of dominant genetic traits in the industry. We know this because the same lines are producing performers over and over, so we have the proof.